Become a member - Sustaining member

The FPS offers several original services (event announcements, job offers, mailing list, newsletter, job offers, etc.). Each year, it organizes theme days and a national congress. It offers grants to enable students, post-docs, young researchers, technicians and engineers to take part in conferences.

To pursue our activities, our society needs the support of industrial and commercial companies interested in the development of methods for the separation, characterization and quantification of peptides and proteins.

The support of our benefactor members takes the form of an annual membership fee entitling you to:

  • Individual nominative membership for one person designated as scientific contact. This membership gives access to the same rights as all our members for the designated person: EuPA registration, use of the FPS announcement service, reduced registration fees for the annual congress, free access to our annual day organized jointly with the Société Française de Spectrométrie de Masse (SFSM).
  • Display of the logo of partner companies that are benefactor members, with a direct link to their websites.
  • Three times a year, we can distribute an informative advert to all our members, announcing, for example, the characteristics and promotion of a new product, or a symposium organized by your company.
  • The possibility of posting job offers for your company on our website.
  • Advantages on certain services offered at our national congress, such as preferential rates for stands, or the distribution of advertising brochures. These advantages are to be discussed directly with the congress organizer.



For further information, please contact: Régine LEBRUN (rlebrun (at) or Blandine CHAZARIN (blandine.chazarin (at)


Annual fee to become a partner:


The membership fee is valid for the calendar year

How to pay the membership fee?

  1. Print and complete the membership form.
  2. Don't forget to fill in the names of the administrative contact and the scientific contact designated as a member.
  3. Tick the box "payment by bank cheque" or "bank transfer to FPS"
  4. Send the membership form together with a cheque for €500 made payable to the "French Proteomics Society" or a copy of the bank transfer made to FPS to the following address:
Paulo MARCELO - FPS Treasurer
University of Picardie Jules Verne 
Plate-forme ICAP - Centre Universitaire de Recherches en Santé  
Chemin du Thil 
80000 Amiens

         5. Membership as a benefactor member will only be registered on receipt of your payment.

         6. Registration of the scientific contact designated as a member will only be activated after completion of the online registration form. When registering, please select your preferred method of payment ("by cheque" or "by bank transfer").

         7. Using your member access code and password, go to the Member Area.

A paid invoice can be sent to you by email on request to the Treasurer.