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InPPO Lite 2024

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INPPO-Lite is a half-day on-line session organized by the International Plant Proteomics Organization.

INPPO-Lite is a half-day on-line session that will be held in years when there is no main conference, i.e. 2024, 2026 etc. This is the first year of INPPO-Lite. It is organized by members of Young INPPO, in this case Guido Giordano, Guido Domingo and Carlos Antonio Perez-Rizquez.

The intention of INPPO-Lite is to showcase young talent doing what they do best. Four sessions have been arranged this year, check this link for details:

Please note that you have to register for this on-line event and there will be a charge of CAD100 to attend. This charge is to help cover the cost of the meeting, and to help fund the main Conference in 2025.

Registration will start soon! 

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