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PTMBact 2024: 5th international congress on Post-translational Modifications in Bacteria

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Following the successful meetings in Göttingen (2014), Lyon (2016), Tübingen (2018), and Copenhagen (2022), the 5th edition of the international meeting dedicated to post-translational modifications (PTMs) in bacteria will be held on the 29th and 30th of May 2024, in Rouen, France.

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) are essential for the regulation of cellular functions in all living organisms. They play roles in bacterial virulence, resistance, biofilm formation or motility. With the emergence of increasingly resistant bacterial strains, it is now necessary to research new strategies to combat pathogenic microorganisms. In 2016, an English study estimated that if no progress is done in this field, from 2050 onwards, more than 10 million people will die each year from an infection caused by multi-resistant bacteria, i.e. more than the number of people who die from cancer. Targeting the modified residues and/or enzymes involved in these modification mechanisms could be a promising antibacterial strategy, as is currently used in the context of therapies against specific cancers or latent viral infections.

The interest of the scientific community in bacterial PTMs has been growing steadily in recent years, both internationally and nationally. Thus, the PTMBact international congress was established in 2014 and is held every two years.

This conference brings together researchers with multidisciplinary and complementary skills: microbiology, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, microscopy...


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ProteoAix 2022-3 will be the 3rd Joint Meeting of Spanish, French, and Portuguese Proteomics Societies. The meeting was assembled to provide participants with a broad view of the diverse perspectives and applications of proteomics and its related fields, and emphasising new developments and scientific advances. The meeting programme is organised into main sessions that integrate technical and methodological aspects, their various applications, complementarity with other areas and methodologies, together with up-to-date and state-of-the-art research. The invited speakers were carefully chosen to share and discuss a wide range of topics from the most fundamental aspects to new subjects. Conditions were put in place to allow and promote science sharing by all participants. Plenary lectures, small talks, flash talks, poster sessions, and relaxed social events are programmed so that everyone can interact, discuss, and promote their projects in a great ambience.

More information on the wonderful city of Aix-en-Provence and the Centre des Congrès (location via GoogleMaps and immersive visit of the Congress Center).

Please be aware that the programme is subject to change as detailed planning continues.

Follow us on Twitter. For inquiries, contact us by mail proteoaix2023_at_sciencesconf_dot_org

Au nom du Réseau Francophone de Métabolomique et de Fluxomique, de la Société Française de Protéomique, de la Société Française de Spectrométrie de Masse et de l’Association Francophone des Sciences Séparatives, nous avons l’immense plaisir de vous inviter à nous rejoindre à Nantes, du 5 au 8 septembre 2022, pour vivre ensemble un événement inédit en sciences analytiques !

Pour cette 2e édition, le congrès joint avec les Sociétés Espagnole et Portugaise de Protéomique.a eu à Vilamoura Algarve, Portugal. Enfin en présentiel ! Près de 160 participants.

En 2020, notre congès annuel a été organisé pour la première fois en association avec les Sociétés Espagnole et Portugaise de Protéomique. Suite à la situation sanitaire liée au COVID19, il s'est déroulé par visioconférence . Le succés a été au rendez-vous avec plusieurs centaines de connexions, de très belles présentations et une forte implication de nos jeunes collègues.