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Emplois FPS


Participate in the technological development of the metabolomics and proteomics activity at BIOASTER, through its collaborative projects on 4 research fields : microbiota, diagnostics, vaccines and antimicrobials. Take charge of the experiments, and implement the techniques from their conception to the restitution of the results, in connection with mass spectrometry specialists, biologists and bioinformaticians. Experience with high-resolution mass spectrometers is required.


  • Design and carry out qualified research and service activities, set up and validate protocols in the unit's fields of study using mass spectrometry techniques, particularly applied to high-throughput quantitative proteomics and/or glycolysation.
  • Carry out experiments, analyse, interpret and synthesize results, in collaboration with bioinformaticians for data analysis.
  • Participate in the improvement of analytical methods in mass spectrometry to identify and characterize proteins, peptides, PTMs and protein-ligand complexes. Implement and validate experimental protocols and standard procedures,
  • Ensure the operation and maintenance of equipment
  • Exploit and present the results of analysis and guarantee their quality
  • Write experimental reports and technical notes


  • Engineer level, master 2 in Biochemistry / biology - analytical sciences, proteomics
  • Internship or first experience in this activity in an industrial, SME or academic environment,
  • Practice of mass spectrometry on Thermo's Q-Exactive range of equipment
  • Knowledge of quantitative proteomics (isotopic dilution, with and without labeling) ideally through targeted (PRM) and/or non-targeted (DDA and DIA) approaches and software dedicated to data analysis (e.g. Maxquant, Spectronaut, DIA-NN)
  • Knowledge of quality concepts specific to analysis techniques
  • Mastery of written and oral presentation techniques,
  • Mastery of office automation tools
  • Fluent in English

Personal skills

  • Autonomy, rigor, method
  • Initiative, proactivity,
  • Strong interest in the field of innovation
  • Ability to analyze and summarize
  • Good interpersonal skills with internal and external contacts
  • Ability to anticipate

IPHC – Laboratoire de Spectrométrie de Masse Bio-Organique UMR7178, PROFI-Strasbourg FR2048
Contacts: sarah.cianferani@unistra.fr / +33 3 68 85 26 79

18 mai 2022

Summary of the project:
One of the emerging features of the protein-lipid interactome is that certain lipid molecules can
selectively bind to specific sites on membrane proteins (MPs) playing key roles in folding and stability
of MPs or acting as allosteric regulators of protein function. The tools to study these interactions
remain scarce and often invasive despite the progress made in this field. The PROLIFIC project aims at
1) developing a new generation of mild polymeric surfactants allowing extracting, in a detergent-free
manner, MPs with their associated lipids directly from the cell membrane and overcoming the issues
encountered with the other already existing polymers, 2) identifying by mass spectrometry approaches
the native lipids bound to MPs using as models several members of the pentameric ligand-gated ion
channel (pLGIC) superfamily known to be exquisitely sensitive to lipids, and 3) characterize the
influence of protein-lipid interactions on the structural integrity, conformational equilibrium and
function of these MPs by state-of-the-art structural mass spectrometry approaches combined with
functional assays. The new polymers developed in this program will therefore diversify the toolbox
available for MP studies.
The objective of this PhD will be to develop structural methods, mostly based on native mass
spectrometry (nMS) and H/D exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS) for the characterization of
MP/lipid interactions.

Keywords: mass spectrometry, native MS, Ion Mobility MS, HDX-MS, structural analysis, membrane
proteins, lipids.

Applicant profile: The candidate should have a background in analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry
and/or structural biology. Prior experience in native mass spectrometry and/or MS-based membrane
protein analysis would be highly valued. Applicants should provide evidence of academic performance,
excellent English writing and communication skills, and a commitment to work on scientifically
challenging problems. They must also have a taste for multidisciplinary teamwork.

Funding of the PhD: The PhD grant is supported by the ANR project PROLIFIC for 3 years starting
from the 1st October 2022.

Send your CV and marks of your Master degree to sarah.cianferani@unistra.fr

 Postdoctoral in Biological Chemistry/Biochemistry/Proteomics - Strasbourg-ECPM/IPHC/IBMC. Contacts: christine.schaeffer@unistra.fr,  sblandin@unistra.fr ,  elisabeth.davioud@unistra.fr

18 mai 2022

Postdoctoral position in "biochemistry and MS-based proteomics" (Studying novel histone acylations in the regulation of gene expression), CEA center of Grenoble, Team “Studying the Dynamics of Proteomes” (EDyP). Contact: delphine.pflieger@cea.fr Important: Only applications from junior candidates (i.e. with < 2 years of postdoctoral experience) will be considered (see PDF for details).

18 mai 2022