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Emplois FPS

Post-Doctoral Scientist, CDD, VERRIERES LE BUISSON, FR

With more than 45 years of experience, the GIE LCH Laboratoire des Courses 
Hippiques is at the forefront of cutting-edge analytical chemistry for doping control 
analyses of racing horses, to ensure fair competition and animal welfare for French 
and International Racing Authorities. Located at Verrières-le-Buisson in Essonne 
(south of Paris), our Nationally and Internationally recognized laboratory performs the 
analysis of approximatively 35 000 sampled horses per year thanks to numerous and 
diverse analytical setups, mostly composed of mass spectrometers (HRMS/QQQ) 
coupled to liquid chromatography (UHPLC, GC, IC) and our staff is composed of 60 
well-trained employees. Finally, the laboratory is a member of Sciences Animales 
Paris-Saclay (SAPS) with numerous national and international collaborations.

For more 
information, please visit https://www.fnch.fr/laboratoirecourses-hippiques 

The laboratory is recruiting a post-doc for a one-year mission, who will evolve in 
our Research and Innovation team to profit from breakthrough technologies (high 
throughput analyses, microLC, ion-mobility) to reach unprecedented levels of 
detection of exogenous proteins and peptides in biological matrices (blood, urine, 
DBS). The candidate should have graduated with his/her Ph. D. in analytical chemistry 
and have demonstrated experiences in trace-level detection of proteins/proteotypic 
peptides using targeted and/or untargeted proteomics techniques, from sample 
preparation to publications in peer-reviewed journals. She/he possesses solid abilities 
in mass spectrometry (Orbitrap/QTOF/QQQ), liquid chromatography (UHPLC, 
microflow, nanoflow), knowledge in ion-mobility, and is familiar with mass 
spectrometry software (Xcalibur, DataAnalysis, Skyline, etc). Advanced skills in 
statistical analyses and data visualization employing R/Python would be appreciated. 
Candidate must be fluent in English (spoken and written) and, if possible, able to have 
discussions in French. 

The selected candidate will benefit from numerous advantages such as 
Tickets-Restaurants and Chèques-Vacances. Please send your CV/resume, cover letter 
and recommendations to recrutement@lchfrance.fr and mention “LCH-POSTDOC” as 
reference before August 31st, 2023. The mission is scheduled to start on October 1st, 

Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (GIE-LCH)
15 rue de Paradis 91370 VERRIERES LE BUISSON FRANCE
TEL : 33 1 69 75 28 28 e-mail :recrutement@lchfrance.fr

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