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Emplois FPS

Engineer job offer "Methodological developments for high-throughput plant proteomics", PAPPSO, Gif-sur-Yvette France

•Location: Plateforme d’Analyse Protéomique de Paris Sud-Ouest (PAPPSO), Gif-sur-Yvette (France)
•Date: 12 months contract from february 2023
•Gross salary: 2100-2500 € per month depending on the experience

Key words: plant proteomics, liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS),
methodological development, data independent analysis, microflow

PAPPSO (www.pappso.inrae.fr) is a technological facility that aims to provide research teams with high
skills and new-advanced equipments in the field of proteomics. For the last ten years, PAPPSO has been
receiving more and more frequent requests for the analysis of large cohorts of plant samples (> 100 samples).
These requests are all related to research projects in plant breeding or agro-ecology, where methodological
approaches necessitating large experimental designs are increasingly turning to the exploitation of omics data
collected downstream of the genome. To adress this evolution, PAPPSO needs to develop a new type of
analysis in the field of high-throughput plant proteomics.
While today, the LC-MS/MS analysis of a classical plant sample lasts between 1h and 3h (depending on the
complexity of the sample), PAPPSO's goal is to reduce this time to 20 minutes at most, which would allow
to perform 72 analyses per day. To this end, the recruited engineer will perform methodological
optimizations (chromatographic, MS and software parameters) to find the best compromise between the
reduction of chromatographic time and the quality and quantity of data. The MS data acquisition mode called
Data Independent Analysis (DIA) combined with microflow HPLC will be considered. In parallel,
developments will be made to reduce the preparation time of plant samples.
PAPPSO gathers 10 permanent people on two sites distant from 8 kms: one located at in the Quantitative
Genetics and Evolution - Le Moulon laboratory (GQE-Le Moulon, Gif-sur-Yvette) and the other one in Jouy-
en-Josas in the MICALIS Institute (Jouy-en-Josas). Each site has developed specificities related with its
home laboratory. The Moulon site, where the successful applicant will be based, has been specialized in plant
proteomics for a long time. PAPPSO is equipped with the latest generation of mass spectrometers and is
more particularly specialized in the quantitative analysis of large cohorts of potentially highly complex
samples, in the analysis of post-translational modifications, and in peptidomics. PAPPSO also develops a
software suite covering all aspects of proteomic analysis (http://pappso.inra.fr/bioinfo/). PAPPSO is labeled
by IBiSA and INRAE and is also ISO9001 certified.
Skills and abilities:
Candidates must have a M2 in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or biotechnology and must have strong skills
in mass spectrometry and proteomics as well as in LC-MS/MS data processing and analysis. Rigor,
organizational skills, dynamism and ability to work in a team will be necessary to successfully complete the
To apply:
Send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for two referees by email to melisande.blein-
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