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Emplois FPS

Research Engineer tenure position in Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry


Contact :  sebastien.brier@pasteur.fr

The Biological NMR and HDX-MS platform (BioNMR-HDX) at the Institut Pasteur in Paris is looking for
an experienced research scientist specialized in Hydrogen/Deuterium eXchange Mass Spectrometry to
reinforce its activity. Bio-NMR-HDX is part of the Center for Technological Resources and Research
(C2RT) and is affiliated to the Department of Structural Biology and Chemistry. Our mission in HDX-MS
is to provide full support to Institut Pasteur research teams mainly through collaborative projects and
to develop the HDX-MS technology in order to address present and future technological needs and
challenges. Most of our HDX-MS projects focus on soluble, membrane-associated or integral
membrane proteins that are either involved in infectious diseases (such as bacterial toxins), antibiotic
resistance or considered as potential drug targets.

Job Description
The position offers many opportunities to develop collaborative projects on challenging biological
systems with a wide range of Institut Pasteur research teams, as well as external academic teams
and/or pharmaceutical companies. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to develop
her/his own collaborative projects. We therefore expect the candidate to have both the ability and the
desire to work in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary and stimulating scientific environment.
Your missions include to:
- Provide researchers technical expertise in hydrogen/deuterium exchange and mass
spectrometry and develop new collaborative projects
- Propose technological and/or methodological developments in HDX-MS to enable the success
of collaborative projects
- Conduct HDX-MS experiments from sample preparation to data acquisition, data analysis and
data interpretation
- Write research papers and presenting results at both national and international conferences
- Provide training on HDX-MS (PhD students, post-docs, ...)
- Apply to grants
- Assist in instrumentations maintenance including UPLC system, LEAP-Pal robot and mass

Eligibility requirements
Applicants must have:
- A PhD degree in analytical chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry or related fields with
several years of post-doctoral training
- Documented research experience in hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry
- Track record of conducting independent and creative research - Excellent verbal and written communication skills. English is the working language at Institut
Pasteur so good command of English is required
- Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. The candidate should be able to handle
several HDX-MS projects in parallel and to respect deadlines
Hands on skills and knowledge in one or more of the following areas will be considered an advantage:
- Experience with the HDX system commercialized by Waters (LEAP-Pal robot of 1st generation,
HDX manager, Acquity UPLC M-Class pumps, SynaptG2-Si HDMS mass spectrometer with
ETD) including DynamX 3.0, PLGS and MassLynX software
- Experience in the statistical analysis and validation of large-scale HDX datasets
- Experience with the HDX-MS analysis of membrane proteins and/or amphitropic proteins
either solubilized in detergent micelles, in lamellar vesicles or in more complex systems

How to apply
Applications should be sent to Iñaki Guijarro (inaki.guijarro@pasteur.fr) and Sébastien Brier
(sebastien.brier@pasteur.fr) and should contain a motivation letter, a full CV and the names and
contact information of referent scientists.
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